Guaranteed Uniqueness of High Quality

Rachel Burklund Jewelry Designs use the highest quality stones from around the world. Rachel and her team are very excited to offer a variety of unique stones that are distinctly native to different parts of the world – sourced from India, Tanzania, Africa, Egypt, Thailand and Sri Lanka – most of which are finished and cut in India. Each stone is individually picked for its own unique characteristics. There are slight variations between the colors and shapes of like-stones, so each gem is beautiful and exquisite in its own rare, innate form. All jewelry is hand made with these beautiful gems and fine metals. The colors, shapes and textures of the stones represent the vibrancy of the jewelry while the rarity of the stones, combined with the one-of-a-kind design, provides the wearer with an amazing, exclusive feel.


On A Personal Note:

It is our art, and therefore our passion to find the most brilliant stones out there of excellent quality. We work as close to the miners as possible in our search for new cuts, colors and shapes. All of our gemstones and colored stones are one-of-a-kind, each with their own unusual characteristics. We strive to control the likeness between the pieces, while retaining each stone’s individuality by their differences in color, shape and size. Each is cut and polished with great attention to detail.

We cherish and embrace the opportunity to work with miners and stone cutters to ensure each stone is cut to an exquisitely perfect shape – radiating its unique, distinctive, inherent beauty. We hope you also appreciate the natural characteristics of the stones we use, and are satisfied, as we are, with the care and attention to which we give each stone selected for Rachel Burklund jewelry designs.