Art. Jewelry. Life

Life is about infusing passion into every moment
— Rachel

Art is at the core of Rachel’s motivation. While she enjoys visiting traveling exhibitions of rare and unique pieces, her true driving force is provided by a handful of artists she looks to for constant inspiration. Marni, Lanvin and YSL are currently on her radar for their multi-media use of materials and for constantly pushing the boundaries on the industry. Other contemporary, influences include Michael Parkes and Salvador Dalí, hailing from the school of surrealist and abstract art, where her true passion lies. Her delicate, detail-oriented designs exhibit a leaning towards abstract expressionism. She is intrigued by Dadaism and the works of Marcel Duchamp, and Mark Rothko, and admires Matthew Barney, a contemporary American artist, for his thought provoking visions.

Since much of her experience is in fashion design she is affected by fashion, fabric, and the way garments move. Her skills and understanding of draping fabric and metals are further developed through the visuals she obtains from various eras. This is why film is also a motivating force in her designs. She loves the style of the silver screen and prefers movies from the forties and seventies; her current favorites are Casablanca, Chinatown and Gilda. Her recent influences can be seen in the design of her newer pieces, in which she drapes chains and works with designs through draping.

Rachel’s designs are inspired by South American culture. The asymmetry in the way jewelry is worn, such as the two different earrings worn by people in Brazil and Argentina, have encouraged her to create similar styles for her collection. This is the motivation behind designing each piece with slight variations. The inconsistency between each piece is not forced, but is rather the result of her design process. Each piece of metal is hand-wrapped and manipulated in a way that it has its own unique expression. The necklaces and earrings she produces are asymmetric to create an interest in the length, proportion and drape. The pieces hang so that the center point is skewed to either side: a unique, fresh way of looking at and wearing jewelry.